Matt Crabtree developed a passion for working with his hands at an early age. He has worked in nearly every aspect of residential construction trades over the past twenty years but primarily enjoys carpentry and design. He is a hands on builder that believes in an old-fashioned approach to building a modern home. It is not unusual for Matt to be on the job-site everyday, he never plans to outgrow his tool-belt.

Kendal Moore comes into this business with a Bachelor’s degree from Kansas State University that emphasized in management. Kendal brings an outside prospective to the business, another eye for detail, a skill for organization and has a knack for finding great buys. It is also not unusual to find her working side by side with Matt and the subcontractors or installing flooring or tile on her own. Crabtree & Associates’ prides themselves in their attention to detail in every aspect of the business from keeping a clean and orderly job-site to keeping very organized records of every build. As a partnership they believe they can objectively look at design and ideas with both a male and female perspective . They want every client to feel like they are getting the personal attention that building a custom home deserves.

We want our children and grandchildren to be able to drive by our homes in fifty years and be proud of the homes we have built. We want our customers to feel the same pride when they accept the keys to their new home as we do when we build them.


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