Working with my hands and creating things had been my passion since high school. I started working in this industry when I was 15. Summer construction jobs, shop class in school, anything extra-curricular to further my knowledge in woodworking was something I couldn’t get enough of.

I graduated from Pittsburg University with a bachelor of science in wood technology with an emphasis in wood products manufacturing. From there, I’ve had a few different jobs in the construction/manufacturing industry. Teacher, custom kitchen business, and product salesman to name a few.

For the last 8 years, I’ve been self-employed working as a trim carpenter and building my contracting business. I absolutely love the contracting side of this business and am eager to see where this avenue continues to lead in the future. With my extensive background in woodworking, I feel I provide a superior product at each stage of a new build or remodel. I’m not only overseeing these projects, but enjoy being hands-on, making sure each step is done well and correctly.

I’d like to earn people’s respect and trust as a builder that not only cares about the end product, but cares about the quality of the project, building as if it was for myself. And leaving you, the customer, not only enjoying the end product, but enjoying the journey as well.